Sacred Threads

Eye Contact: creating a connection

Curator's Inspiration
In a time where we seem to be divided by politics, economics, race, religion and philosophy, a personal connection to those around us seems hard to establish. We walk through the world with our heads down and our attention focused on daily tasks and distractions. The web that holds the human race together is unravelling and we are left feeling isolated and invisible.

In an effort to reestablish that link, I have put my phone away, lifted my head up and started making eye contact with strangers. As our paths cross and our gazes meet, even if only for a fleeting moment, that web rebuilds. Shoulders hunched in discouragement or sorrow straighten, heads lift slightly, and a smile often sparks across clenched lips. That momentary connection when eyes meet reignites the spark of humanity that connects us all.

This collection of small quilts will hopefully inspire you and help you bridge the distance that seem to separate us. Lift up your head, gaze into someone’s eyes and make a connection.

Barbara Hollinger, Curator, Sacred Threads

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