The Desires Of My Heart

Alice Lundgren
Marysville, OH

65" x 43”
As you approach the quilt, the first thing you notice is the dark and heavy lock on a razor wire fence. The lock was closed by the key of Justice, but by simply turning the same key over, Mercy appears and opens the lock. I invite you to open the locked fence so you can see the deepest desires of my heart.

The center is the most perfect heart and it represents my deepest and truest desire: “to touch and be touched by my Creator”.

The second heart, while less perfect, represents my desire to “bear good fruit” wherever I am.

The outer most heart, which has morphed into a shape similar to a human heart represents my most human desires. They are: to have a home of my own, to see my grandson’s first day of school, to harvest a Christmas tree with my children and grandchildren, to attend the symphony wearing a dress and pearls, to fish in a pond, to see the sunflower and wheat fields of Kansas, to watch the sunset at the ocean and to walk in the forest and mountains.

While creating the outer most heart of the quilt, I struggled with feelings of aloneness and being cut off from the desires of my heart. More than once I had to walk away or stop working. When I become overwhelmed, I had to refocus my attention on the center of the quilt. I can not dwell on what I do not have. To experience peace, I focus on what I do have and that is my connection to my higher power and my ability to bear good fruit wherever I am.

I appreciate the opportunity to share my heart with others and I hope it conveys the message that although some might think otherwise, there are some very beautiful hearts inside the razor wire.

A personal note from the quilter:

I am 58 yrs old and have been incarcerated since 1990. I am the mother of four and grandmother to 3 incredibly adorable grandchildren. I work as a Career Tech Aide in the computer lab, helping women obtain computer skills for future employment. I enjoy quilting, cross-stitching and sewing, especially children’s clothing.