Luzmilda Blue
Marysville, OH

36" x 43”

Some people think it's holding on that makes us strong. Sometimes it's letting go by Sylvia Robinson

She couldn't have said it better. Life can be a total disaster, but as we grow in our faith, God will give us new life. So as you look at my quilt understand that the blue hands are God's hands. The butterflies represent new life.

The body is me and each arm is everything I am dealing with in my life, and the angels above are my guards. I hope my quilt blesses you as it blessed me.

A personal note from the quilter:

I am a first time quilter and the mother of 4 children. My mother who was Panamanian, died when I was very young. I have also lost one of my children and now struggle to be a prosperous woman and mother. I love praise dancing and encouraging others. I hope to one day turn tragedy to victory. Ms. Blue has recently been released.