Families Are Forever

Jan K. Bowers
Marysville, OH

46" x 39”

My family is the best gift my heavenly father could have given me, next to my own life. As I pondered what should be in my quilt, I knew it had to be about my family, and just a few of the important happenings in our lives. The grandparents, my parents, my husband and his family, our children, and siblings. Each leaf on a family tree would become a member.

As it began to unfold it became representative of things around me in my life. The flowers, not just because I love them, but my mother was a horticulturist. The flag and its meaning, representing not just my husband, but also my father and father-in-law. Each fallen leaf a spirit of a family member passed on. The cabin, water, and mountains representing our home in the woods and the love of nature we both possess.

The quilt can be added to as years go by, adding names to leaves as our family grows and new spirits as our family leaves. I enjoyed doing this project and was gladdened by the memories I had thought I had forgotten.

A personal note from the quilter:

I have been quilting with my mother since I’ve been about ten years old. Starting with scrap quilts and patchwork, trying to improve as I grew in the love of the art. I find quilting relaxing and very therapeutic. I feel blessed that my mother took the time to teach me as a child.