Lori Rose
Marysville, OH

41" x 51”

This quilt is a symbol of my rebirth, specifically my rebirth in Christ. At the beginning of this project I was in baptism classes and I wanted to do something special to honor that since The light of the world is Jesus. The sun shining through the clouds represents the wonderful light we seek. Jesus gave his life for our sins. I placed a cross in the center of the quilt to show everyone how I feel about Jesus being the center of our lives. There are angels all around us and we should always know that. Jesus is the bread of life and gives of all things. This is representing the peace and love only he can give us when we submit to his will! The idea that we are his sheep and should walk beside him, showing Jesus' ultimate sacrifice for us and how we need to be more like Christ in regards to other people.

A personal note from the quilter:

I lived in Springfield, Ohio. I work at the hospital. I have five children, but I don’t have any grandchildren yet. I like to cross stitch and work on putting puzzles together.