What Can Make Or Break A Home

Patty Brewster
Marysville, OH

48" x 41”

What can make a home?
Love, peace, joy, and happiness
Most of all having God in our home
A loving father, mother, sister, and brother
Friends you can count on.

What can break a home?
Evil ,hate, lies, and dishonesty
Not having God in our home
Having a father and mother drink
And being mean, telling you lies, bringing you down
Instead of lifting you up.

A home doesn't have to be a building with four walls and a roof, it can be a teepee, or a cave. As long as you have God, Peace, love, joy, faith, friends, and family you are at home.


A personal note from the quilter:

I love working with yarn making hats, scarves and blankets and working on quilts. I’ve worked on quilts at home, but this quilt is special. I’ve never done one like it. I’m glad I had a chance to do it.