The Old Rugged Cross

Edna Finley
Marysville, OH

31" x 35”

The old rugged cross where my Savior gave his life for you and I. A thief and murder was on each side of him. The sky blackened that day as he bore our pain. In a few months I've cherished the old rugged cross. For the true meaning of Easter Cross is found in the new testament.





Side 2
The day Christ was put on the cross a curtain split, from end to end. Everyone was very sad. The veil was sacred. It divides things from things. That’s why Jesus is printed on it.


A personal note from the quilter:

This is my first time making a quilt such as this. I tried to do almost how I pictured it, without a picture book. I was doing my best, and putting in a lot of effort also. It took countless hours of God’s labor for it.