Artist in Residence Vikki Pignatelli

Vikki PignatelliDuring our 2015 exhibit, founder Vikki Pignatelli will be with us to give free lecture on Fridays, teach a few workshops and offer private consultations about your projects.

Here is the info you need to plan your special time with Vikki. And when you are ready, come back and register.

Free Friday Lecture

Free Friday Lecture: (July 10, 17 and 24). Lecture is free but reserverations are required for limited space. 2:00 pm

"Nurturing Your Creative Spirit: Personal Traits That Inspire Great Quilts"

Passion, humor, persistence, faith in your work, courage...these five qualities and others all play a role in your creative life. What does it take to be a great quilter?? I discuss how I learned important life lessons...sometimes the hard way…through quiltmaking.


Crazy about Curves (Offered twice, July 14, July 25, $45)

Basic technique—6 hours, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
All skill levels

This class is for students who want a general overview of Vikki’s construction technique.

In this class students will quickly master the basic concepts of Vikki’s flexible, “no rules”, “no fear” Crazy About Curves technique using a small, simple teaching pattern (complimentary). With this method, a meld of piecing and machine appliqué, students learn to create even sharp curves and narrow points effortlessly without the hassle. There are NO measuring seam allowances, NO easing together unruly seams and NO matching points. All construction work, color choices and stitching are done on the quilt top surface. This is a very simple, anyone-can-do technique suitable for all skill levels. Workshop emphasis is on creativity, inspiration and self-confidence for the quilter. Students work at their own pace.

Class includes:

Basic construction technique concepts;
How to machine sew using this technique;
Painless mitering;
Splicing seams;
How to finish techniques and ideas;
Vikki’s whole-cloth finishing techniques.

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Improvisation: The Basics (Offered July 16, $45)

Basic technique—6 hours, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
All skill levels

This class is for students who want a general overview of Vikki's simple improvisation construction techniques.

Students begin the class with a short demo to learn the basic concept of Vikki's Crazy About Curves technique. Then with a  play-as-you-go spirit, students apply the fundamental technique to create improvisational "blocks" of any shape (four-sided, circles, ovals, curvy rectangles or teardrops).

Class covers:

    Basic (limited) and improvisational construction technique concepts;
    How to machine sew using the improvisational technique;
    Painless mitering;
    Splicing seams (using patterns or improvisation);
    How to finish using improvisational techniques and ideas;
    Vikki's whole-cloth finishing techniques.

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Creative Self-Expression: Further Exploration (Offered July 21-22. $90)

Intermediate, Advanced, Confident beginner
Machine required
12-hours, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

Creative SelfThis class is intended for students who are familiar with Vikki's curves techniques though her books, DVD, a previous class or if the student is a confident beginner.

Class begins with a brief demonstration and overview of Vikki's Crazy About Curves technique to refresh and reacquaint the student with her topstitch machine-applique method.

In this workshop, students are encouraged to discover and explore their creativity and are free to experiment with their work. Vikki gives personal attention and advice to help each student develop personal designs and ideas, whether using a pattern or working by improvisation. Vikki will discuss color, contrasts, texture, movement in quilts and how to apply these concepts to the students' own designs, allowing the artwork to take on a life of its own. Workshop emphasis is on fun, nurturing the creativity within, self-expression, inspiration and self-confidence for the quilter. Each student works at her/his own comfortable pace.

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Private Consultations

Vikki is available to meet with you for an hour to discuss your own creative roadblocks, your projects, techniques, etc.

There are 6 time slots for 1 person each. $60.

July 15 and 23 at 11:00, 3:00 and 4:00