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2019 Exhibit Artworks

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Theme Title First Name Last Name Travel Exhibit
Grief Grief Ruthann Adams  
Grief Stillborn Patty Arensen  
Grief Kaddish Susan Avishai  
Grief Lachrymose Christina Blais  
Grief Composition 1517 Hélène Blanchet  
Grief Death Toll Susan Brubaker Knapp Yes
Grief The Caregiver's Job has Ended. Mary Carson  
Grief The Face of Ovarian Cancer Karen Coan  
Grief In Deep Darkness: Raw Pain and a Rain of Tears Connie Conrad Yes
Grief Bridge: Traversing a Long Marriage Sherri Culver  
Grief Rooted in Family:A Short History of Dick and Jane Pat DaRif  
Grief Crossing Over Linda Devereaux  
Grief From Mild to Wild Katherine Dossman  
Grief Abstract in Black, Red, and White Margaret(Meg) Filiatrault  
Grief January 24, 2014 Julia Gaff  
Grief Gone Dianne Harris Thomas Yes
Grief Ghost Soldier 1918 Nancy Hershberger Yes
Grief The Orange Chairs Linda Jurkiewicz  
Grief Fourth and Water Streets Jill Kerttula  
Grief Mr. Pink - 2 Sides of Grief Beth Krug  
Grief Remembrance of the Fallen Kate Lenkowsky  
Grief In Search of Time Lost Viviana Lombrozo  
Grief Reeds Janet Marney  
Grief Saying Goodbye Tracie Maryne  
Grief Grief is Not Static or "Can't Keep It In" Sally Maxwell  
Grief She's Fading Sherri Lipman McCauley  
Grief Settled Linda McLaughlin  
Grief Old Crow Woman Pam Moller Yes
Grief Where is Your Grief? Angela Orangio  
Grief Stitched Prayers Karen Ponischil  
Grief The Sum of All Their Hopes Patricia Powers  
Grief Turmoil Heather Pregger  
Grief Not A Day Goes By (That I Don't Think of You) Sheila Riess  
Grief Fallen Julie Rush Yes
Grief Mapping Loss Silvia Souza  
Grief Missing Dawn Nan Thompson  
Grief Letting Go Karen Tye  
Grief Fear in the Forest Maude Wallace Haeger  
Grief One Is Too Many Hope Wilmarth  
Grief Pulse Martha Wolfe  
Grief Quiet Desperation Ann Wolterbeek Hawkins Yes
Healing Polly's Petals Lisa Arthaud  
Healing A Year of Hope Donna Bergman  
Healing My Mother's Memories (She Had None) Susan Brooks  
Healing Shame Elizabeth Cerullo  
Healing Rising Up Again Susan Charles  
Healing Overtesting Stifles Creativity Jessica Coleman  
Healing Balancing the Pieces Liz Danish  
Healing Suspended Moments Gabriele DiTota Yes
Healing Inner Landscapes: Depression Mary Louise Gerek  
Healing Behind the Mask Glema Gordon  
Healing In Memory of My Dad Maxine Hess  
Healing Playground of Her Soul Jeanne Hewell-Chambers  
Healing Healing Trees Helen Hollingsworth  
Healing Not So Simple Me: Looking Forward Charlotte Jackson  
Healing Springtime In the Rockies Cynthia Jarest  
Healing Unbound Catherine Kane  
Healing Setting Sun Carol Kimble  
Healing St. Damien: Brother of Outcasts Frances Krupka  
Healing Voici ma Mère (This is My Mother) Sharon McDonagh  
Healing Lost My Hair But I Don't Care Mary Nailos  
Healing SIB Self Injurious Behavior Stefanie Neuner Yes
Healing An American Citizen cynthia parry  
Healing MoonDance Candice Phelan  
Healing The Eyes Have It Estelle Porter  
Healing Escape from Majdanek Melinda Rushing Yes
Healing Freedom From The Flames Of My Childhood Linda Salitrynski Yes
Healing Coping with Cancer Clouds Meena Schaldenbrand  
Healing In My Winter Sea Jeanne Sisson  
Healing Tree of Life Ileana Soto Yes
Healing Reconciliation ... a Father/Son Story Bill Stearman  
Healing Well Defended Linda Waddle  
Healing Why Was I Different? Arlene Wagner  
Healing Ground Zero Reborn Judy Warner  
Healing Girl Talk Tracy Weisman  
Inspiration Good Friday Journal:The Last Supper Joanne Alberda  
Inspiration Together Meghan Betts  
Inspiration Botanical Gardens of Salt Lake City Marcia Birken  
Inspiration Thelma's Gravy Boat Arlene Blackburn  
Inspiration Grandmas First Bouquet Sara Bradshaw  
Inspiration At Nightfall Joan Bratton  
Inspiration Stamina Erika Carter  
Inspiration Glow In The Dark Laurie Ceesay Landree  
Inspiration Silent Waters Janice Chiaffredo  
Inspiration Ode to a Tree Gerrie Congdon  
Inspiration Patience, Perseverance, Play: What We Can Learn From The Squirrels Barbara Dahlberg  
Inspiration Poignant Dreams Polly Davis  
Inspiration Henry The Goat Rhonda Denney  
Inspiration Abandoned in Long Valley Carol Esch Yes
Inspiration First Grade - 1952 Cathie Favret  
Inspiration From The Outside in 5A Seeing Way series Linda Filby-Fisher  
Inspiration The Longest Journey Gina Gahagan  
Inspiration A River Runs Through It Jan Gavin  
Inspiration Heart Of It Debra Goley  
Inspiration Mountain Sunrise Cindy Grisdela  
Inspiration Just A Teacher Edith Gross  
Inspiration Priming The Pump Becky Grover  
Inspiration Illumination #1 Christine Hager-Braun Yes
Inspiration Lakeside Bridge LeAnn Hileman  
Inspiration Tiles Cathie Hoover Yes
Inspiration Boundless Love-Cuddle Time Jane King  
Inspiration READY TO STRUT Jean Loussarian  
Inspiration Angel of Mercy Jules McKenzie Rushing Yes
Inspiration Owl Katsina Frances Murphy  
Inspiration The Autumn of Life Vikki Pignatelli  
Inspiration Letting Go Becky Poisson  
Inspiration Heart-Brain Coherence Judith Roderick  
Inspiration A Wild Ride Through the Mustard Claudia Sammis  
Inspiration Celebrating the Elements Lin Schiffner  
Inspiration Mont Saint Michel Memories Linda Schmidt  
Inspiration The Spires of Frederick Olga Schrichte  
Inspiration Day is Done Stephanye Schuyler  
Inspiration Star of the East Allegra Smick  
Inspiration Swimming Upstream, #3 Bonnie Smith  
Inspiration Dreams really do come true at the end of the Rainbow Susan Smith  
Inspiration Coming Home Ana Sumner Yes
Inspiration Not Enough Gray B. Lynn Tubbe  
Inspiration Portrait of My Dad at 95 Joan Watkins  
Inspiration Coming Home Emily Williamson  
Inspiration Breaking the Mold Libby Williamson  
Inspiration Out of the box Kathy York  
Joy A Time to Mourn and a Time to Dance Elise Beraru  
Joy Dance! Laura Broders  
Joy Simple Joy Earamichia Brown  
Joy Goddesses Rising Meryl Ann Butler  
Joy A Show of Hands Christine Cetrulo  
Joy Here's the Church... Linda Cooper  
Joy Can I Keep It PLeasse? Kay Donges  
Joy Whose Garden Was This Eileen Doughty  
Joy The Swing Kathy Edwards  
Joy Every Day Miracles Dolores Fegan Yes
Joy In the Now Marla Ferguson  
Joy Dancing on Dappled Ground Norma Fredrickson  
Joy Sundays With Grandma DORIS GOINS Yes
Joy Today I Choose Joy Jean Grimes  
Joy Joy in Things Remembered Judy Gula  
Joy Revival Betty Hahn Yes
Joy Summer Solstice Anne Hammond  
Joy Dew Descending Ginnie Hebert  
Joy Rejuvenation Nancy Karst  
Joy Talking Stick Deborah Lamb-Mechanick  
Joy A Pearl of Wisdom Neani Mee  
Joy Happy, Joyous and Free Elizabeth Pekins  
Joy Daisy Field Exploration Roberta(Robbie) Porter  
Joy Ebb and Flow Kay Portmess  
Joy The Bridesmaid Susan Price  
Joy Calypso Dorothy Raymond  
Joy Amazements of Tender Reflections Wen Redmond  
Joy Chautauqua Sanctuary Luana Rubin  
Joy A Day at the Shore Mary Ellen Simmons Yes
Joy Manya's Breakfast Routine Shira Singer  
Joy Four-story walk-up Linda Strowbridge  
Joy Deconstructed Sunrise #1 Gwyned Trefethen Yes
Joy What Quilters Do When Nobody's Watching Maggie Ward Yes
Joy Footloose Rachel Wetzler  
Joy Summer Sunshine Nanette Zeller  
Peace/Brotherhood The Least of My Brethren Ann Bertorelli  
Peace/Brotherhood Honoring Diversity Karen Brown  
Peace/Brotherhood Token of Peace M. C. Bunte Yes
Peace/Brotherhood Jaaja Cary Caldwell  
Peace/Brotherhood Freedom Susan Callahan  
Peace/Brotherhood Visa Denied Phyllis Cullen Yes
Peace/Brotherhood Water Lady jennifer day  
Peace/Brotherhood Rochester Subway Susan Donovan  
Peace/Brotherhood Fire Folk Jane Fellows  
Peace/Brotherhood Vortex Julia Graves  
Peace/Brotherhood Masai Mara Merriment Susan Haftel  
Peace/Brotherhood American Texture Rita Hannafin  
Peace/Brotherhood Love Has No Boundaries Bev Haring  
Peace/Brotherhood "Nations and Tribes" Hanifah Ibrahim  
Peace/Brotherhood Strawberry Hollow Paula Newquist  
Peace/Brotherhood Flyover 5:Chains/Rope/Shame Bobbe Nolan  
Peace/Brotherhood Elsie and Martha, Zambia Ellen November  
Peace/Brotherhood Lessons Learned Pauline Salzman Yes
Peace/Brotherhood Sisters of My Soul Susan Schrott  
Peace/Brotherhood A Long Hard Journey Priscilla Smith  
Peace/Brotherhood Fear Not Warrior! For We All Bleed...We All Breath...the Same Carole Staples  
Peace/Brotherhood Our Children, Our Hope Nita Vono  
Peace/Brotherhood Women's Rally, Greenville, SC,January 21, 2017 Denny (Denise) Webster Yes
Peace/Brotherhood Brotherhood's Journey Anna Willard  
Spirituality End of Days Barbara Allen  
Spirituality Maize-Mother Andrea Anastos  
Spirituality Sanctuary III Thelma Bearden  
Spirituality Brilliance Polly Bech  
Spirituality Provisions Deborah Boschert Yes
Spirituality Cana Jars Noreen Borys  
Spirituality The Karma Tree Gretchen Brooks  
Spirituality Bonfire of the Spirit M. C. Bunte  
Spirituality The Stone Bridge Patricia Caldwell  
Spirituality Mama Robi Diane Clapes  
Spirituality Spiritual Journey Patricia Cottrell  
Spirituality Sojourn - Navigating Life Barbara Dove  
Spirituality Only Experienced Joyce Duncan  
Spirituality Hamar 1994 Michelle Flamer  
Spirituality The Scrutinies Mary Kay Fosnacht  
Spirituality Extinction 1 : 'I'iwii Sally Freeberg  
Spirituality Cosmic Connectivity Pam Geisel  
Spirituality Genesis 1:1-4 Robyn Gragg  
Spirituality Quan Yin Peg Green  
Spirituality Fruitful In All Seasons Linda Hall  
Spirituality Herald Angel of Faith Mary Hart  
Spirituality Enlightenment Jean Herman Yes
Spirituality Radiant Valerie Hill  
Spirituality Mystical Garden Kathleen Hughes  
Spirituality Ouroboros Stacy Hurt Yes
Spirituality My History's Embrace Sophia Kelly-Shultz  
Spirituality Sunset Across Burma Patricia Kennedy-Zafred  
Spirituality Summer Solstice Karen King-Giles Yes
Spirituality Light Unto the Nations Jeanette Kuvin Oren  
Spirituality A Sea of Troubles Sandra Marietta  
Spirituality Moment of Wonder Jeanelle McCall  
Spirituality Ouroboros Terri Messinides  
Spirituality Gathering Stillness Karen Musgrave  
Spirituality I Choose Joy Cheryl Olson Yes
Spirituality TREE OF LIFE SERIES:It's Complicated Kristy Ottinger  
Spirituality Ashes of Roses Ellen Parrott  
Spirituality Breathe on Me / Ezekiel 37 Terry Peckarsky  
Spirituality Cross Times Nine Patricia Powers  
Spirituality Permeable Cynthia Reynolds  
Spirituality Heartbeats Bonnie Rhoby  
Spirituality Le Chêne Chapelle (The Oak Chapel) Mary Ritter Yes
Spirituality Into The Woods I Go... Elaine Ross  
Spirituality At the Foot of the Cross Nancy Kay Smith  
Spirituality Three Crosses, Too Sylvia Stephens  
Spirituality Hanging by a Thread Heather Stoltz  
Spirituality Angel We Have Heard on Ties Linda Syverson Guild  
Spirituality I am Always With You Linda Syverson Guild  
Spirituality La Chiesa di Bolzano Vicentino III Barbara Triscari  
Spirituality Mechanical Man Jim Vander Noot Yes
Spirituality I Am the Vine Geraldine Wilkins  
Spirituality Meeting the Buddha on the Path Miki Willa  
Spirituality Disciple's Path Rosanne Williamson Yes
Spirituality What If? Katherine Wilson  
Spirituality Jesus Calling - Duc in Altum Marie Wood  
Spirituality Still Life With Wrenching Wang Sally Wright  

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