The Cross

Michelle Owens
Marysville, OH

44" x 46”

For me this quilt represents many things. Its’ a design I usually draw at Easter. It represents Jesus’ resurrection and inspires me with hope, love, freedom and salvation.
Both the front and back pieces are self dyed and show transitions in color from yellow to orange to red. These changes represent the changes God is doing in me.
The cross on the front represents the one Christ was crucified on. The three birds represent the trinity watching over and protecting me. The butterflies represent the positive changes in me. Butterflies start as caterpillars and then go into their cocoons. ORW is my cocoon. The flowers and vines on the cross mean new beginnings and new growth. They are purple since it is the mark of royalty as is the crown. Even though the thorns were meant to be mocking, Jesus is the King of Kings. The red material is a symbol of Christ’s atoning blood. The angels are my guides helping me to hold my life together.

The back of the quilt has a simple basic cross representing the humility of Christ. On it are the words of one of my favorite songs. I cry every time I hear this song because it speaks of Jesus’ sacrifice for me. At the bottom are two scriptures telling of the resurrection.

I pray this quilt can speak all of these things and the love I have in my heart for the Lord. I hope it can inspire others to welcome Christ into their lives. God bless you all.
A personal note from the quilter:

What a great honor it has been to be part of your program where I can express my spirituality in something that I love – quilting. For whatever reason, most of my life I have been drawn to quilts. I feel that quilts tell stories of days long gone. They show the personality, essence, passion & pain of the maker’s soul. My first quilt was in 1992 for my wedding. But my real quilting experience came once I got to ORW. My job is a seamstress for the Community Service Stitching Post. The organizations I make projects for are; Warm Up America, Crayons to Computers, Sammy Dyer, and Project Linus.

Quilt Back:

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