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Congratulations to all of our accepted artists.

If you are an accepted artist and need help finding shipping or other information, check out this resources page.

And thank you to EVERYONE who entered. We had a very difficult decision to narrow the selections down to what can be exhibited in our space. We are very pleased with all of these artworks. It is sure to be a very special exhibit.

Title Name (First) Name (Last) Theme
Displaced Clare Attwell Grief
1500 + Ann Bertorelli Grief
No Words Helen Blumen Grief
How Many Tears Does It Take to Mend A Broken Heart? Sharon Buck Grief
Grief Journey Carol   W. Capozzoli Grief
Melancholia Linda Colsh Grief
Night Terrors Phyllis Cullen Grief
Return to Office Barbara Danzi Grief
Spirit In The Garden Linda Delorme Grief
November 9th 1946 Gabriele DiTota Grief
Blessings Carol Esch Grief
Indigenous Women... Kerry Faraone Grief
Anger Anne Garretson Grief
Social Distancing Laura Gottlieb Grief
Mourning Grays Janet Green Grief
2016 Triptych  Karin Hanson Grief
Transformation Bev Haring Grief
Shattered Barbara Oliver Hartman Grief
Steeples Lean Ann Harwell Grief
Without You Laurel Izard Grief
Fifty-Eight Lisa Jenni Grief
A Mother’s Everlasting Love Kathy Knapp Grief
The World Grieves Mary-Ellen Latino Grief
Torn Apart Viviana Lombrozo Grief
Grief and Growth Melissa May Grief
2020 Susan Mcatee Monday Grief
Daisies Katie Pasquini Masopust Grief
Fire Season Dorothy Raymond Grief
Arc of Sorrows Cynthia Reynolds Grief
Sea Level Rise Laura Robertson Grief
Suddenly They all were Gone: Grieving Imminent Death Inez Rovegno Grief
Pachyderm Penumbra Linda Salitrynski Grief
Testimony of Yazmin Juarez Ivy Sandz Grief
Wish You Were Here! Meena Schaldenbrand Grief
Pepper’s Morning Vision Stephanye Schuyler Grief
Peace Judy Shaffer Grief
Words Found On the Back of a Painting By a Young, Trans Artist Bill Stearman Grief
Turbulence Gwyned Trefethen Grief
"I am Strong" Beth Frisbie Wallace Grief
Silent Funeral Joanne Weis Grief
Blanket Janice Wheeler Grief
Shattered Hope Wilmarth Grief
Cuts and Bruises Deborah Boschert Healing
Homage to Leonard Gerrie Congdon Healing
Isolation Paula Dean Healing
Loose Ends Debra Dobbs Healing
A new beginning Katherine Dossman Healing
REMEMBRANCE Julia Gaff Healing
If Only (Jeremy's Wedding Quilt) Penny Gold Healing
Transformation MARY GRANDE Healing
Childhood Trauma Paula Gron Healing
Holy Fire Gretchen Herdrich Healing
My First Orchid Helen Hollingsworth Healing
Remembrance Bernadette Houghton Healing
F.E.A.R. : JUST LETTERS Charlotte Jackson Healing
"Rising" #1 in a Series Barbara Jones Healing
Fighting Together Like Dragons Naida Koraly Healing
Broken Circles Susan Leonard Healing
Mending the Tears Melinda Lowy Healing
Lake Life and Love Cheryl Lynch Healing
Rise Above Glenda Mah Healing
Crab Potting on the Chesapeake Suzanne Meader Healing
Free at Last Karen Miller Healing
Elegy for Elijah Jo-Ann Morgan Healing
Lacemakers Linda Morgan Healing
INTROSPECTION Kathy Mullaney Healing
The Diagnosis Mary Ann Nailos Healing
Dissociation  Elizabeth Ferry Pekins Healing
High Anxiety Heather Pregger Healing
Rebirth: The Light at the End of the Tunnel Wendy Read Healing
All in This Together Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo Healing
Masked Blessings Susan Schrott Healing
First Glimpse Annie Smith Healing
Radiation Susan W Smith Healing
The Clergy's Burden Heather Stoltz Healing
Ray of Hope Barbara Tylka Healing
My October Heather Villareal Healing
Covid-19 Hope Quilt #13 Susie Wong Healing
Beneath the Surface Suzanne Warren Healing
In The Pink Joan Watkins Healing
Dancing Dresdens Cyndi Zacheis Healing
SOUNDINGS: A Tribute to Marie Tharp Meredith Armstrong Inspiration
Rise Up Deborah Baillieul Inspiration
Sweetheart Abbey Thomas Baillieul Inspiration
Empowered Yvonne Bayham Inspiration
Peace: A Natural History Joan Bratton Inspiration
Emily's Canoes Karen Amelia Brown Inspiration
Pink Coleus Susan Brubaker Knapp Inspiration
Under The Russian Dome MC Bunte Inspiration
Woman of the Land MC Bunte Inspiration
Harmonious Laurie Ceesay Landree Inspiration
Bowling In The White House patricia cottrell Inspiration
Look to the Light Stephanie Dahl Inspiration
The Purple Barn Liz Danish Inspiration
Proud Mary Janet Darcher Inspiration
Migration Albert Feldman Inspiration
Inspiration from Nature’s Majestic Beauty: Prairie Sunset Joan Fulton Inspiration
Learning to Fly Karen Giles Inspiration
Circle of Life Debra Goley Inspiration
Virginia's Indigo Blues Judy Gula Inspiration
The Long Wait: 17-Year Cicada Heather Hager Inspiration
The Sun Always Rises Ginnie Hebert Inspiration
Yosemite II_Half Dome Nancy Hershberger Inspiration
Postcards From a Journey of Friendship Jeanne Hewell-Chambers (and Maxine Hess) Inspiration
Patchouli Days Donna Johnston Inspiration
Sisters: The Shape of Love Lyric Montgomery Kinard Inspiration
Dreams of Freedom Joanna Mack Inspiration
Shared Foundation Marisa Marquez Inspiration
Incarnation An Marshall Inspiration
Alma Sharyn Mellors Inspiration
Madam Vice President Trish Morris-Plise Inspiration
Lighting the Way Gail Naughton Inspiration
Action Jackson Quilting  Stefanie Neuner Inspiration
Farn in Red Chair Margaret  A. Phillips Inspiration
Deep Roots Estelle Porter Inspiration
Blessed Are the Piecemakers Susan Price Inspiration
Reaching Higher Judith Roderick Inspiration
Beside the Still Waters Elaine Ross Inspiration
Contemplating Architecture Julie Rush Inspiration
Walking with Grace Kate Schneider-Braus Inspiration
Nitty Gritty City Joni Seidenstein Inspiration
Every Tomorrow Will Be Yesterday Sophia Shultz Inspiration
The Creative Hand Carolyn Skei Inspiration
The Light Shines in the Darkness Allegra Smick Inspiration
Connecting Andra Stanton Inspiration
Back Yard Beauty Wendy L Starn Inspiration
My Foremothers Were Quilters Phyllis Tarrant Inspiration
The More Excellent Way: A Tribute to John Lewis Margaret Williams Inspiration
Womanist Katherine Stewart Wilson Inspiration
Heian Garden, Kyoto  Sally Wright Inspiration
Catharsis Marian Zielinski Inspiration
"living...breathing"  I Joanne Alberda Joy
Symphony #3 Robert Bein Joy
Joy in the Time of Covid  Gay Bitter Joy
A Celebration of Hands Christine Cetrulo Joy
Where's Walleye? Linda Cooper Joy
I Spy An Orca Suzette Coppage Joy
Let There Be Light Jennifer Day Joy
Innocent Prayer Erica Dodge Joy
Wild and Wonky Garden Lin Elmo Joy
Megan and Andy's Chuppah Karen Fricke Joy
Quiet Moment cassie gibson Joy
Even in Hard Times, You Can Find Joy Maude Wallace Haeger Joy
Growing Color Dianne Harris Thomas Joy
Sunset Stroll Suzanne Kistler Joy
Ascending Nancy Lemke Joy
Memories of Creative Hands Barbara Lynne Joy
The Power of Joy Barbara Matthews Joy
Transform 2 Sherri Lipman McCauley Joy
What Holds Us Linda Mushka Joy
Joyful Effervescence Sonja Pavlik Joy
Oh, My Heart! Karen Ponischil Joy
Balloon Days Janice Schwarz Joy
Waiting Diane Sheckells Joy
insiders and outsiders Carole SMOLLAN Joy
April Showers Linda Syverson Guild Joy
MoonShine Mary Tyler Joy
Tree of Life Anna Viadero Joy
Sun Salutation Maggie Ward Joy
Give Thanks Sauda A. Zahra Joy
Teach Me Lisa Arthaud Peace/Brotherhood
They Cry Out David Charity Peace/Brotherhood
Everybody Gonna Shine Rebecca Cynamon-Murphy Peace/Brotherhood
Which Side Are You On? Eileen Doughty Peace/Brotherhood
Remi's Rainbow Jan Gavin Peace/Brotherhood
Up From Slavery Jacqueline Johnson Peace/Brotherhood
The Women of God Lyric Montgomery Kinard Peace/Brotherhood
Many voices. One song. Alexandra Kingswell Peace/Brotherhood
Finding Equanimity Zwia Lipkin Peace/Brotherhood
Integrity Bashed Rosemary McBride Peace/Brotherhood
Flyover 7:  Despues--El Mar de Lodo  (in English, "Afterward--The Sea of Mud") Bobbe Nolan Peace/Brotherhood
JAPS! cynthia parry Peace/Brotherhood
Borderline Theresa Polley-Shellcroft Peace/Brotherhood
Freedoms4 Mary Ritter Peace/Brotherhood
Caring for Brother Natalie Rockley Peace/Brotherhood
United We Stand Please Help  Carole Rossi Peace/Brotherhood
A Hope Tree Lin Schiffner Peace/Brotherhood
Peace and Harmony Sara Sharp Peace/Brotherhood
HOPE Sheryl Sims Peace/Brotherhood
Warrior Ileana Soto Peace/Brotherhood
The Yellow Boat Jan Soules Peace/Brotherhood
Sharbat Paula Straw Peace/Brotherhood
Peace in Our Hands B Lynn Tubbe Peace/Brotherhood
Chant Margaret Abramshe Spirituality
 My Only Salvation marilyn akerson-corbitt Spirituality
Ayani Nicki Allen Spirituality
Lamb of God Patty Arensen Spirituality
Cathédrale des 1000 soleils/ Cathedral of 1000 suns anne bellas Spirituality
Incarnation to Resurrection: Colours of the Church Year Margaret Blank Spirituality
Listening Jayni Bloch Spirituality
Goddess Emerging from the Dreamtime Meryl Ann Butler Spirituality
Stacks of Grass Vicki Conley Spirituality
I Believe Shannon Conley Spirituality
Finding Peace Polly Davis Spirituality
Gates of Evening Shannon Dion Spirituality
From The Outside In 6 A Seeing Way series Linda Filby-Fisher Spirituality
Diamond of a Thousand Suns Mary Kay Fosnacht Spirituality
Holy Spirits: Innocence, Vanity and Greed Sally Freeberg Spirituality
Lift High the Cross Julia Graves Spirituality
Catal Hoyuk Lioness Peg Green Spirituality
The Christmas Story Carol Hancuh Spirituality
Breaking Dawn Linda Henke Spirituality
99 Names of GOD Hanifah Ibrahim Spirituality
Ancient Opening Leila Kazimi Spirituality
In Search of African Gods 2 Toni Kersey Spirituality
Malachi's Promise Lyric Montgomery Kinard Spirituality
Church Ladies KRISTINE LUBER Spirituality
Bible Journal Quilt Diptyque Bennie Theresa Mann Spirituality
Morning Glory Janet Marney Spirituality
Catching God's Eye Clara Nartey Spirituality
Tree of Life:  More Subtle Kristy Moeller Ottinger Spirituality
Allegory of Renoun  Brian Partin Spirituality
Still Weeping on the Via Dolorosa Terry Peckarsky Spirituality
Angel of Humility Candice Phelan Spirituality
The Vision Sara Rayaprol Spirituality
Enchantment of the Forest  Wen Redmond Spirituality
Blessings and Temptations Jeannie Schoennagel Spirituality
Hands of Time Debbie Schulze Spirituality
Gaia Laura Scott Spirituality
108 AND COUNTING...... Varsha SUNDARARAJAN Spirituality
Love, Power, Joy REBECCA SZETELA Spirituality
Birches  Harriette Tuttle Spirituality
Hope, Peace & Beauty Amidst Covid 19 Shutdown Kathy Veenstra Spirituality
Feathers on the Breath Denny Webster Spirituality
Hanging By a Thread Rosanna Lynne Welter Spirituality
Life and Death Emily Williamson Spirituality
Alleluia Rosanne Williamson Spirituality
Rootedness Kathryn Wright Spirituality
The Messenger Nanette Zeller Spirituality